Beauty by Jacey: My Acne Solution


I never struggled with acne until my junior year of high school.  All of a sudden, my entire face began to break out.  Suddenly, my regular skin care routine of simply washing my face wasn’t enough.  My forehead was covered in acne to the point where my mom insisted we saw a dermatologist because it looked like I was in pain.  Acne can have such an effect on a person’s confidence.  I felt ugly and insecure every day.

So, we tried treatment after treatment, from pills to all kinds of well known treatments like Proactive and X-Out.  I began to get frustrated because even my dermatologist’s treatments weren’t working.

So, I began doing some of my own research.  I watched countless “Acne Journey” videos on YouTube about how other people got their skin clear.  I started researching about acne in general and that’s when I happened upon a website called  They had lots of information about different types of acne, but then I discovered that they offered their own products.

As I read more about the company and watched testimonials about their acne regimen, I realized that this might be a solution that would work.  This company was from an organization that had actual research and facts to back it up.  Their solutions were pure, meaning your skin wouldn’t receive any random other chemicals or more chemicals than needed.  Many other acne companies have an excess amount of stuff in their products that can make you break out.

So, I ordered the regimen.  They warn you that it might take months for your skin to fully clear up, and it did.  But after about 3 months, my skin was clear and my life was changed!  I still use these products to this day and I highly recommend them.



Beauty By Jacey: Right Hand Make Up Products

There are hundreds of thousands of make up products, maybe more.  With make up products, you can’t try before you buy.  For many women, they spend hundreds of dollars on make up before finding which product actually works best for them.  After much trial and error, I have found several beauty products that are my “right hands”.  All of these products are cheap and easy to find.

Covergirl The Super Sizer Waterproof Mascara


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I have been using this mascara for years. I have even tried more higher end brands, but this one is still my favorite.  I few disclaimers about this mascara:  it is waterproof!  Once I discovered them, I fell in love with waterproof mascaras because they hold my eyelash curl so well and stay on the entire day.  However, the waxed based formula can be damaging to your eyelashes so I recommend not wearing this mascara every day!

Garnier Anti-Dark-Circle Under-eye Roller


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If you have constant dark circles under your eyes like me, this is about to become your best friend!  This product is affordable and available at any drug store.  It is very light but works extremely well to hide stubborn, tired eyes.  It also is very pleasant to put on in the morning because it is cool and it wakes me up!

Airspun Loose Facepowder


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For beginners new to baking and who aren’t sure what it is, here is an article on just how to do it: How to Bake. Basically, this is the best drugstore baking powder you can get, hands down.  It works so well to keep your make up on all day and night, yet it also doesn’t look too cakey.  You can get it at any Walmart, store or online!

Beauty By Jacey: What Make Up Has Done for Me

In society I believe that there are so many misconceptions about make up.  Many people, even some of the women who wear it, believe that we are addicted to it.  They believe many of us can’t feel okay about ourselves without it, and that make up literally is our confidence.  Without mascara, foundation, and a little blush, they believe that we don’t find ourselves remotely attractive at all.  To some or maybe even most people, make up is nothing but confidence in powder or liquid form.  Just a way to hide our flaws.  In response to this, I have a few things to say.

Yes, make up has given me confidence.  

But not in the way that you might think.  Make up has made me confident because it allows me to feel pride in a skill that I have.  Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by it.  It is my hobby and my creative outlet.  It also isn’t just me.  For many people, make up is their art form.  Doing my make up is as relaxing and rewarding to me as painting a picture would be for some artists.  To have people compliment me on my make up is to have someone compliment me on my art.

Yes, make up does make me feel beautiful.

But I don’t need it TO feel beautiful.  Believe it or not, I’m wearing this stuff on my face completely for myself and not for other people.  One of the biggest life lessons that I have learned is to have pride in myself at my core, and to define that pride in the correct way.  Make up is meant to enhance your features.  It takes what is already beautiful and makes it that much more apparent.

However, I get that it is a problem.

Many women do rely on their make up as their source of confidence.  They use it to cover their insecurities and some don’t feel confident without it.  However, in this post I am simply saying that make up is more than just that.

This article does a good job of explaining some of the issues surrounding make up:

The Guardian- Why Do Girls Wear Make Up?