Beauty By Jacey: Chunky Glitter is Trending and it’s Wonderful

This year already there has been quite a few odd beauty trends.  People are drawing on freckles and purposely smearing their lipstick to get a “lollipop” effect.  The picture below features both of these trends.


photo: instagram / @detail_magazine

However, there is one trend that is a little out there that I am finding myself loving: the simple beauty of chunky glitter makeup.


photo: instagram / @detai_magazine

There is something so elegant and beautiful to me about it that makes it captivating.  These looks are obviously not something that you would wear every day.  However, for a special occasion like a themed party or festival, this look is perfect.



After watching YouTube tutorials, I think the most common way to apply the glitter so that it stays is with eyelash glue.  However, for more fine grained glitter I would recommend using sticky hair spray.  I have done this before with glitter and it works really well!

Companies and buisnesses have even begun to make glitter specifically for this trend, like this Etsy shop has.  I love the amount of creativity that this trend allows for.  It is letting people express themselves in a whole new way and I am definitely a fan.


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