Beauty By Jacey: Everything Self Tanning

Self tanning is something that is definitely more tricky than it seems.  The idea of getting dark quickly without going near the sun is appealing to anyone.  As someone with naturally fair skin, I have tried a variety of products over the years to achieve a summer glow.  With that, I have had my fair share of mishaps.  I can offer plenty of advice on exactly what products I reccomend and how I get a streak free tan that lasts as long as possible.

Finding the Right Product


There are thousands of self tanning products out there.  I recommend doing your own research on YouTube or online to find what is best for your own skin type and color.  There are plenty of videos and articles with progress pictures about self tanners both drug store and brand name.  Currently, my favorite is Banana Boat’s self tanner.


First, you need to exfoliate before you put your tanner on!  Self tanning works by bonding to your skin cells.  Exfoliating cleans off dead skin cells.  So if you don’t exfoliate, self tanner will bond to the dead skin that will probably fall off a lot easier, and in a matter of days.  However, if you do shower before you put self tanner on and exfoliate properly, the product will bond to the new skin and will be less streaky and will last longer.

Apply it Correctly

Follow the directions on your specific product!  However, most self tanners should be applied similar to a lotion.  However, be sure to avoid your ankles, elbows and knees.  Also make sure to wash your hands and blend the water into the product on your wrist so that there isn’t a stark line where you washed it off.


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