Beauty By Jacey: The Best Beauty YouTubers

One of the best ways to learn new make up techniques and to learn about the best products out there is YouTube.  There are thousands of “Beauty Gurus” out there, but with so many it’s hard to know who exactly is the best to watch.  Here are some of my favorites!

Jaclyn Hill


Jaclyn Hill is a go to Beauty Guru whether you are just starting out with makeup or if you have been doing it for awhile and are looking for new tricks and techniques.  She always has something new and brilliant to bring to the table.  She’s also easy to follow and understand.  Definitely check out her channel, you will learn a lot from just one video!  She has been on YouTube and in the makeup industry for awhile so she knows a lot and even has some of her very own makeup!



Nikkie has been on YouTube for years and is so incredibly talented.  She does a wide variety of looks that feature everything from crazy Halloween make up to simple everyday looks.  She is also hilarious and quirky which make her videos extremely entertaining!

Bethany Moda

bethany moda

Bethany is younger than the first two and her videos are less centered around make up and more about beauty in general.  She is so fun loving and bubbly which makes her videos endlessly entertaining!  She makes videos about her favorite beauty products of each month and about her daily rountines!






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