Beauty By Jacey: Spring Break Beach Essentials

I, like many other girls my age, will be taking a trip to the beach this spring break!  With that being said, I would like to recommend a few beauty tips and tricks for looking your best on the beach without putting in too much work.

Waterproof Mascara


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If you have read my Right Hand Beauty Products blog, you already know I am a huge fan of this.  This will allow you to still have mascara on all day even while swimming in the ocean or sweating in the heat.  Not to mention, waterproof mascara also holds your eyelash curl better!  However, I will say be sure to bring some makeup wipes!  Waterproof mascara stays on well, but it can also be hard to get off!

Tinted BB Cream


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If you swim, this is not going to stay on your face.  However, if you are just laying out by the ocean or exploring the beach town, BB Cream will give you coverage and protection from those UV rays because of the SPF in it.

LipSense Liquid Lipstick


Now, if you want some lipstick that is going to stay on your lips all day, even at the beach, then this is your go to!  This lipstick is on a whole different level compared to others.  Once you put it on, it will not budge until you take a makeup wipe to it or until over 12 hours later.  For that reason, I highly recommend it for a beach vacation.  It comes in a variety of colors for every skin coloring and is waterproof!


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