Life By Jacey: Like and Um

In the past couple weeks, I created, recorded, and edited a podcast for a class I’m in.  Truly, this was a learning experience for me in more ways than I suspected.

At first, things seemed to be going smoothly. I worked with another friend of mine in the class. The first problem we faced initially was trying to find a way to combine our blog topics into a podcast topic. Her blog is about travel and mine is a beauty lifestyle blog. However, after about twenty minutes of brainstorming we soon figured it out. We decided to make our topic about her adventures through Europe. I would ask her questions about her experiences, what she learned, as well as what the beauty and fashion was like there.

Then came recording the audio. We got the sound quality working well right away; however, looking back on it there were some things we could’ve done better. For example, I sat slightly closer to the mic than Carly.

Despite this, we recorded our show and it was fun! The only thing that was especially difficult about it was the timing. We had a timer going to keep us on track, but making things around two minutes was hard! I think that sometimes I was watching the timing almost too closely and I was nervous about it. Because of that, at some points when I spoke I didn’t sound as natural.

After our show was edited and done, I discovered what our biggest problem was. We both said like and um way too much! Carly couldn’t figure out how to edit them all out. However, I’m thankful that this podcast opened my eyes to my own speech patterns. You never realize how much you do something until it’s right in front of your face!


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