Beauty by Jacey: My Acne Solution


I never struggled with acne until my junior year of high school.  All of a sudden, my entire face began to break out.  Suddenly, my regular skin care routine of simply washing my face wasn’t enough.  My forehead was covered in acne to the point where my mom insisted we saw a dermatologist because it looked like I was in pain.  Acne can have such an effect on a person’s confidence.  I felt ugly and insecure every day.

So, we tried treatment after treatment, from pills to all kinds of well known treatments like Proactive and X-Out.  I began to get frustrated because even my dermatologist’s treatments weren’t working.

So, I began doing some of my own research.  I watched countless “Acne Journey” videos on YouTube about how other people got their skin clear.  I started researching about acne in general and that’s when I happened upon a website called  They had lots of information about different types of acne, but then I discovered that they offered their own products.

As I read more about the company and watched testimonials about their acne regimen, I realized that this might be a solution that would work.  This company was from an organization that had actual research and facts to back it up.  Their solutions were pure, meaning your skin wouldn’t receive any random other chemicals or more chemicals than needed.  Many other acne companies have an excess amount of stuff in their products that can make you break out.

So, I ordered the regimen.  They warn you that it might take months for your skin to fully clear up, and it did.  But after about 3 months, my skin was clear and my life was changed!  I still use these products to this day and I highly recommend them.



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